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Storage Management

Product and Space Management.

Canberra deals with concrete storage management to work. There are two parts of storage management including product management and space management.


Product Management:
There are three kinds of product such as PUD, HOSO Black Tiger Shrimp and the others.


Space Management:
There are two kinds of space including public and individual storage. Each storekeeper is in charge of different storages.


Our Attentiveness:
Factory accountant will open a document with manager and storekeeper when they put goods in storage or take away from freezer including material, shrimp and others. Besides, if Canberra has import a couple of containers from oversea, factory bookkeeper also open a receipt with manager and storekeeper when goods are carried in the freezer corporation.

Canberra has periodic and non-periodic inventory. Periodic inventory is at the end of each month. However, auditing department of headquarter has non-periodic inventory. It is to make sure that storage booking consists with inventory.

Storage Management