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Manufacture Management

High quality and benefit seafood

There are three main processing at Canberra Corporation such as PUD black tiger shrimp, whiskered velvet shrimp
and OEM.


(1) PD or PUD Shrimp Processing

  •  • First, unfreeze the peeled shrimp that will be deveined if customer orders PD shrimp.
  •  • Second, PD or PUD shrimp will be processed by IQF after steeping in water.
  •  • Third, PD or PUD shrimp will be processed twice by IQF.
  •  • Fourth, product will be packaging.
  •  • Fifth, product will be storage before selling.
PD or PUD Shrimp Processing


(2) PC processing factory:
PC processing factory


(3) OEM:
The main processing products are PUD black tiger shrimp and some semi-finished OEM products. We are pleasing to receive global customer’s order including seasoning products.


Producing high quality and benefit seafood is our mission. In addition, it is promise our consumers to eat safely that support Canberra to stand at the seafood market many years. Canberra keeps 3S mission (Service, Specialist and Share) for all future time.